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Silent Sidelines

Silent Sidelines is a statewide program that happens twice per year in the Spring & Fall. Coaches will be allowed to direct players from the sidelines but asked to keep coaching to a minumum allowing the players to excercise onfield decision making. Parents may clap & cheer but should refrain from giving any directions to the players, coaches, or referees. Referees are not responsible for enforcing this rule, each club is responsible. VSC will strickly enfource silent sidelines weekend. Anyone who is not adhearing to the rules of silent sidelines may be asked to leave the field.
Spring Silent Sidelines weekend will be the third weekend of May and the Fall Silent Sidelines will be the third weekend of October.
The goals of Silent Sidelines Weekend are to:

1. Develop players to make decisions on the field.
2. Improve players' communication on the field.
3. Support our youth referees by eliminating dissension from the sidelines.
This rule was drafted and passed at the request of a CJSA player. This program was first sponsored by CJSA in September 2000. Many players stated they enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with their teammates and be heard.